From Vision to Reality…

AK Interiors believes that a space cannot be designed without knowing and understanding those who will inhabit it.  A space cannot function properly nor can it look great if it does not fulfill your vision.

What you imagine, whether for your home or place of work, is specific, unique, like a finger print. It should encompass what you value when it comes to:

  • practicality and efficiency.
  • beauty: modern, refined and timeless.
  • comfort: what makes you happy, what makes you work and live better.
  • the reflection of your character or identity of your business brand.
  • quality and craftsmanship.

AK Interiors wants to know you and your vision first, then we start the design process!

We determine the appropriate beautiful and functional materials, sketch the walls to create the space and everything to fill it. We will guide you through the choices and give reason for every element. Reason that relates to you. We manage these details: establish how it will all come together as a cohesive package, coordinate with suppliers, engineers and building teams, and administer the written and drawing forms of communication to enable the contractors and craftsmen in their building process.

It’s about managing the challenges to make it an easy process for you. We are here to turn your vision into that new or renewed space that exceeds its possibilities.

A space that works for you, not the other way around!