Does your Business Interior match your Business Brand?

??A subtle representation of the iconic ‘Rootbear’ and other brand icons are seen throughout A&W Head Office.

For start up businesses or existing ones that are renovating, moving or expanding, it is valuable for the new design to match your company brand. It will influence company culture, work ethic and reinforces what your staff is there for.  Go to our Commercial Projects Page and look for A&W Food Services of Canada Project…can you see the brand throughout the space? Contact us at AK Interiors to discuss how we can design your business environment to suit your brand.

A great article on this topic from
A Blah Office can have serious repercussions…


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Watch ‘Officeland’, Thursday, Jan 23/14 on CBC

Peter Keleghan tackles the open office in CBC's documentary Officeland.

Peter Keleghan tackles the open office in CBC’s documentary Officeland.

The on-going debate about whether or not an open office concept improves or harms productivity within a company.
Before I watch this documentary, I want to say that not all companies work the same, have the same departments or have the same ‘culture’. Thus designing an open office concept and smaller ‘hotelling’ workstations is a custom idea that will only fit/suit certain companies. It will be interesting to see this documentary’s conclusion and who they spoke to and what experience companies have felt while working in these environments. I encourage everyone to watch.

Officeland‘ is on Thursday, Jan 23 on CBC.


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Eyewear Store (Brick and Mortar style)

A client approached me with the idea of a start-up eye wear store. Yes, unusual it seems, considering nowadays you can order glasses on-line. But based on their research, this client learned that consumers still like a tangible connection when making a purchase – thus the brick and mortar store.

And so we began an interior design concept for this new (or throw-back) business model. We had to keep in mind the following details: to provide ample display for a wide selection of eyewear, to reflect the merchandise price point by keeping the design details simple and understated and to create a feeling of unique quality, care, longevity and accessibility.




This project was complete in February 2013. To see images of completed space, go to our Commercial Projects Page and look for Opticentre.  Drop by the Opticentre for great eyewear and let us know what you think!

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A little article about the West Vancouver Project

Here’s your chance to see some before and after pictures of this project:

TRI-CITY News March 21.12 ARTICLE 1


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I am in the BC Hydro Newsletter

I have had the pleasure to be involved with BC Hydro on their Design Advisory Council over the past year. The main topic was how can BC Hydro reach out to both commercial and residential energy customers about the importance of energy conservation. Through council discussion, BC Hydro discovered how much involvement interior designers have when it comes to electronics: appliances, equipment and lighting and even HVAC. Interior designers are not only space planners and interior image consultants, we can act on the client’s behalf as a coordinating professional – collaborating with electrical and mechanical engineers, code consultants, architects, structural engineers to ensure all design aspects are interrelated. While we are not electrical engineers, providing the technical drawings, specifications and energy measurements, we direct the engineer to create an energy efficient model that also meets our clients functional and aesthetic needs.

During my time with the Council, they gave me the opportunity to report on lighting design within a kitchen as part of their monthly newsletter. Hope you enjoy the read!


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Come say hi to me at IDS West!

I have been assisting with the plans, designs and implementation of booth #601 for IDC and IDIBC this year at an amazing Design Show called IDS West, so I would love for you to come by and see how it turned out. It has been a crazy project – juggling material needs, determining tasks for student volunteers, coordinating deliveries and installations and asking (nicely) for loans of materials and time from our wonderful, generous sponsors.


Hope you like it! But also if you come, don’t forget to see all the other amazing booths and events happening at the Vancouver Convention Centre starting September 29  to Oct 2.

IDSwest is an edited event, showcasing contemporary, cutting edge and original design.  Find the next design for your client or your home or become inspired by some of the world’s most creative people.’



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